Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Education Kits

The Museum has Education Kits which they hire out to schools/teachers for a fee.  Trish has designed these kits to cater to the set curriculum of different age levels. 

This is a diorama, where children put together parts of the environment in the correct place.  Where does the ochre belong, where does the shell belong? They could easily be made from cardboard with laminated prints on the boards.  They could be directed toward, science, history, biology or art.

This interactive wheel tells children what an item is used for.

Posters are made from vinyl and pvc, which make them long lasting and durable.

Laminated fact sheets - Stone work, Boomerangs, Breastplates, Artifacts etc.

Mini pvc images of relative items.

Each kit includes a teachers guide and a check list on contents and comes packed in a plastic labelled tub.

For our Museum we could include:

  • Gubbi Gubbi History fact sheet
  • Gubbi Gubbi today and conservation fact sheet
  • Stone tools fact sheet
  • Bunya Nut gathering fact sheet
  • Dala Dreaming story
  • Environment of the Dala fact sheet
  • Gecko Dreaming story
  • Environment of the Gecko fact sheet
  • Model of the Gecko made of Clay
  • Pvc map of the Gubbi Gubbi Territory
  • Boomerang made as an example specifically for the kit
  • Nulla made as an example specifically for the kit
  • Magnetic match up game with traditional language and images.
These kits would bring in revenue for the keeping place.  Trish has given me a few ideas on acquiring funding to create the kits.  I am really excited by this idea as we are always getting enquiries at the museum from education and child care facilities, asking about ways to introduce cultural studies to their students.

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