Sunday, 1 September 2013

Interactive Displays

Touch Screen - Varied audio and visual information.  Visitors touch a button to hear a recording of stories or pictures of the relevant country with its cultural information.  At the Townsville museum a young cultural person has been recorded on video telling us about the rainforest, its history and its continued value to her people and us all.  This is played repeatedly on a large screen but we could make a similar history available through a touch screen or dvd set up.

Touch and View - A small box is attached behind the button, containing bugs, pictures of trees, or such.  A second button next to the main display button turns on a light for a preset period of time.  Creates a sense of discovery and surprise.

A children's setting creates an inviting work station.

For the younger children.

Magnetic Board - Match up game.  In this case we are asked to match the name of the collector with what they would collect.  For our Museum we could ask visitors to match the cultural name of animals and towns with the english names or pictures of the animals.

Worksheet Displays

Rainforest Detective -  Pens and paper supplied along with a list of questions give visitors a fun way to discover the finer details of any display.  Recycled office paper would work fine for this project.

Fun quizzes encourage exploration of the collections.  Pens and bins are provided.


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